Players for the LIV Golf Tournament have been having their morals questioned for playing in the Saudi backed professional golf league.

Everyone knows that the Saudis have done some horrible things in the past, like assassinating the opposition, but no one expected it to take place in the LIV.

That’s why people started freaking out after they thought a fan was sniped at the LIV Golf Tournament.

For those who care, the golf world has been in complete meltdown over the past few weeks.

For the longest time, the PGA has reigned supreme as the main league for professional golf.

But now they have some competition for the main spot.

The LIV Golf League just started up and is already pulling major talent from the PGA.

In its first golf tournament last week, LIV had big names like Dustin Johnson, Sergio García, and Phil Mickelson swinging the clubs.

And as a result, the PGA announced that anyone who was participating in the LIV Golf League would be ineligible to ever play in the PGA again.

And now the media is on a blitz trying to shame LIV players for participating in a league run by the Saudis.

The reporters do their best crocodile tears and as they ask questions about gay rights and assassinations while they have ignored China’s atrocities for over three decades.

But it looks like there actually might be some truth to the media’s fake concerns.

During the LIV’s tournament this past weekend, it looked like a fan was taken out by the Saudis.

The man was just standing there when a ball just smacked him in the head.

He looked like he literally got shot.

What’s the weirdest thing about this whole video is how excited the other fans are to see the man’s soul leave his body.

If LIV golf includes more assassinations, then this league actually might be worth watching.

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