Things can get interesting very quickly when you add together sports and animals.

In fact, things can take a turn for the worse when mother nature gets in the way.

And Phil the Groundhog narrowly escaped death live on air during this race over the weekend.

Sometimes when we are watching a game or a race, things can get rather boring.

But thankfully, that’s why God made animals, for our domain and entertainment (unless you are Michael Vick . . .).

Nothing can get your blood pumping faster while watching a baseball game than seeing a pigeon turning into a Mike Lindell My Pillow by taking a 98 mph fastball to the face.

And few things can get 300 pound grown men in football moving like a squirrel on the sidelines.

But of all the incidents with animals in sports, this has to be one of the craziest videos you will ever see.

During a Formula 1 race over the weekend, drivers were going in hard to the road course of Montreal’s Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

But when some drivers were taking a right turn they noticed a furry groundhog rushing across the track.

Somehow three cars managed to miss the groundhog and it made for some crazy live action video.

You can only imagine that Phil the Groundhog crapped his pants when he saw those cars racing toward him.

But this isn’t the first time that a groundhog has caused chaos in sports.

One of the most famous animals to wreak havoc on a sporting event was the groundhog from Caddyshack.

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