Players were stunned.

Fans never saw anything like it before.

And police tried to arrest four soccer players during a match for this crazy reason.

Brazil and Argentina are two of the fiercest rivals in all of international soccer.

They recently staged a key qualifying match for the 2022 World Cup.

But the game never reached its conclusion as Brazilian police and health officials stormed the field and attempted to arrest and deport four Argentinian players – Emiliano Martinez, Emiliano Buendia, Giovanni Lo Celso, and Cristian Romero – over their failure to observe Brazil’s COVID protocols.

The four players were supposed to observe quarantine, but instead decided to play in the game.

After the game, Argentinian national soccer team coach Lionel Scaloni defended his players.

“A match between some of the best in the world ends like this. I would like people in Argentina to understand that as a coach I have to take care of my players. If people come and say they have to deport them, I will not allow,” Scaloni stated.

Internationally, the COVID hysterics reach dystopian levels with insane restrictions that are thankfully not on the agenda at the moment in America.

Some pro athletes chafe under strict testing and restrictions designed to force vaccinations.

But police are not marching on to the field during American sporting events to arrest anyone that violates those lunatic protocols…yet.

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