POLL: Bill Belichick or Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers left many people in New England heartbroken . . .

Except for Patriots head coach Bill Belichick who – according to many news reports – wanted the six-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback gone.

Brady and Belichick have proven they can win together. And you can be sure both will now fight like hell to prove they can win apart!

After this break up, who do you believe will get the last laugh – Tom Brady or Bill Belichick?

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  1. I think this very high school like behavior! Why,
    Should there have to be such rivalries between Brady & Bolachick . Brady’s contract ran out and he perhaps needed a new outlook and that’s his privilege.
    Especially, seeing they were together for so long.
    I say get over it and let life go on. Who ever is aggravating the conflict I say grow -up and show Good sportsmanship & accept the truth like a big boy!

  2. Well folks, if the Seahawks didn’t Hand on a platter NE another win TOM BRADY WOULD BE: 5-4 in SB’s And not 6-3 which is at best Decent! There’s a guy in the Hall named Montana and his SB record ? 4-0. 11 TD’s. ZERO PICKS!

  3. I too believe that Tom should consider retiring, but that’s a hard decision to make…just ask Manning or Farve.

  4. Tom got frustrated by belicheck s constantly getting rid of players he knew he could work with and wanted to keep. And other things.


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