POLL: Should ESPN stop injecting left-wing politics into sports?

From praising national anthem protesters to firing analysts who won’t spout left-wing talking points, ESPN is constantly injecting “woke” political opinions into its sports coverage.

Many sports fans have turned off the network and ratings have steadily declined.

Now ESPN claims they’re moving away from talking politics, but it may be too late.

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  1. ESPN has been driven away from reporting on sports, who cares what these clowns think about politics. You tune into ESPN for sports, not a bunch of racial bigots promoting the anti-American agenda to destroy our country . My TV was always tuned to ESPN 10 years ago, now I only watch it if my team is playing.
    FAKE NEWS on a sports channel, that’s why there ratings are dropping ! Get back to the game and fire all these racist with an agenda!

  2. All the fake media, phones reporters.
    We need to rid them.
    Fake, Fake.
    If you all went away with all the democrats,
    Our USA would be perfect. We could actually watch T.V. I’m sick of the same ol everyday. Backstabbing fake news, fake democrats.
    You Suck.
    Go far, far, far away.

  3. Sports has been becoming a total turn off even as the COVID-19, plays are processing more fan-less games and injecting leftists’ views in the picture makes it really a bigger stink
    Since the kneeling ‘k’ injected the Politico playing field , sports went downhill
    Now focusing on kids sports because there is yet to be political talks yet but nasty parents with their parenting …another story line
    Sports now is totally goner

  4. Sports without politics. Just watch sports and turn off political programing. The games are not watched for opinion programing.

  5. Phony reporters. Misspelled phony in my last tweet.
    PHONY REPORTERS. Didn’t want to look stupid in my last tweet like the democrats.

  6. No one cares what these people feel about politics. That’s not why anyone goes to this channel. By their injecting their political views into the programming it only makes us change channels immediately.

  7. Gone are the days when sports in general are played for the love of the game, Far too much money and politics have become the reason. Eject the political garbage and the huge salaries so the people can afford to pay to see a game in person again and that way we’ll know the players just love to play and that No one cares for their opinions anyway!

  8. Keep politics outta sports ….. we the viewing public view sports as an outlet to get away from the political bantering ….. you can go to regular TV if you want to listen to that stuff…… plz let sports alone……

  9. They have a right to their opinion, I just don’t want to hear it with sports. Keep their mouths shut unless it has to do with whatever game is on.

  10. NCAA coverage pretty good except for some Pac-12 games involving UCLA announcing. PGA golf shows about 3 to 4 players way too much. Most of them are not even in tournament contention.

  11. In my opinion, the sports casters, no matter who they are, should be given an addendum to their contract that stated, (Legalese needed here) if they mention anything that can be construed to be political other than “breaking news”, they will be terminated forthwith. Just that simple… If I want political discussion, I can change the channel to one of 10+ shows that are on 24-7. Also, I don’t want to hear any comments about another sport while watching the sport being aired. What the hell would a race car driver know about baseball or basketball that is more than the fans of that sport know??

  12. I’m going to give ESPN a choice from it’s viewers. Either stop the political commentary or we stop watching. Do you understand ESPN? It’s a clear message and is without any ambiguity. Quit the bull or you’re going to be part of history that once was. Oh, and take the politicians out of your broadcasts as well. I use that term since that’s all they are. People that are campaigning for another and nearly always leftist ideology. Take the trash and dump it in CNN where all trash belongs.

  13. ESPN- i can’t remember when i stopped watching these goof balls, but i bet it’s been 4 to 5 years ago. haven’t turned on their channel since then.

  14. time for them to pay attention to the public…No Politics in Sports period!! Over the years these guys have taken away the pure enjoyment I had for watching sports!

  15. Most of us are so tired of politics period. We want just plain good watching of sports or whatever we choose to watch without any politics.

  16. I haven’t watched ESPN for years now. They should put politics aside. It’s the reason I left. It’s like going to a Jackson Browne concert and he gives you a 10 minute run on his politics. Mind you, this is after paying 300.00 bucks to see the show. (This really happened to me). ESPN, JACKSON! I don’t care!!!

  17. These mental midgets aren’t smart enough to have an opinion. I doubt they can read. The best thing they can do is keep their mouth shut, this way they won’t show the public how ignorant they are. I didn’t know ESPN was still on the air, I stopped watching it years ago when these brain dead idiots started to voice their ideas.

  18. The liberal communist have infiltrated every aspect of our democracy. they are only helping the communist nations that want to take over our country by destroying our economy. Professional sports in this country are a big part of our economy. So what better place to spread their propaganda…

  19. I really think they should start with cleaning up the announcers.. Get rid of the ones that were so eager to do the political stuff and replace them with ones who stay on subject, ie the sporting event.

  20. People, especially Neo-Nazzi Trumpies need to hear the truth sometime ! They will not get it here or at Fox News – so yes, they need somebody to give them the truth! People who back President Trump are just as evil as him and like the President, will go to Hell if they don’t reject him and repent! Good Luck! I am praying for you stop backing a bully and back Jesus who tells the righteous to be nice and treat your neighbor like yourself! Meaning – NO WALLS just nice! Doubt you’ll listen, you’ll just yell and lie like President Trump – the Anti-Christ! Nice again, GOOD LUCK!

  21. Who they think they are to lecture the viewing public? We stopped watching all sports when their sports casters started the lecturing crap.

  22. It’s the one thing we can all enjoy! It ruins it when politics enter in. They never use to year ago and it would be so nice to have one place to turn to that doesn’t try to sway you one way or the other with their ideas of who we should or shouldn’t vote for. Please stop!!! We dint need the stress!!!

  23. Athletes and all people need to speak out MORE and maybe we can get rid of The Evil in the White House and go back to being respected again! Say NO TO BULLIES! SAY YES TO NICE!

  24. And what is nice to you Johnson? Biden, the china mogul? Schiff, the liar of the biggest mouth? Pelousy, the biggest cheater and traitor who pockets more from the Cartel with her relatives that they own California? Tell me who in the White House, besides Obuma holdovers are evil or are you just a fool?

  25. Nice is not being mean Marleen – showing respect for everybody, not just those whom agree with you! People do not have to belittle people just because they disagree. People used to respect each other, even when they were the Commander in Chief! Sad – we have a BULLY IN CHIEF!

  26. Gave up ESPN years ago when they shifted to politics, Why would I tune in for sports just to view nonsense from idiots spewing nonsense?

  27. Whether I am watching football, horse racing of AKC Dog Show competitions I do not want to have politics enter into the discussion, whether it is conservative opinion or a left wing or progressive opinion. A sports show should be non political PERIOD!!!.

  28. Like so many have commented, except Johnson, I too have stopped watching or listening anything ESPN. Won’t turn them on even if my teams are playing.

  29. james right on the button could not have said it any better by theway get ready for black america its just around the block

  30. Sports has always been an “escape”–a way to be part of the sports family and to enjoy the exchange of sports stats, player history, and the joy of watching your favorite team. There is nothing more polarizing and divisive than listening to a sports show host rant on and on about politics, rather that what he (or she), are paid to do.—–sad that is to discuss sports. I feel I am very partriotic as most of us are. But if I choose to listen to politics and documentary, I will turn on CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc. . But PLEASE let me choose–not you.

  31. I used to tune into ESPN to watch sports and listen to sports talk, no longer am I able to say that, I may as well tune into MSNBC which isn’t any better as a sports network!

  32. Politics on TV are fine for Political discussion and debate
    Adding Politics to Sports Broadcasts is one of the most STUPID things a Channel can do. It’s like having a Business and telling 1/2 of the customer base you are serving that you don’t want their business. ESPN, that’s why your viewership is in the toilet. Besides that, your commentators are voicing a biased opinion. Stick to what you know guys, Sports.

  33. I stopped watching ESPN, years ago when they let that JackA__; disparage of Tim Tebow for his Kneeling on the End Zone and trying to destroy that Young Man’s Life. And Tim’s Football life .

  34. Life is about doing the right thing all the time and standing up for the ones that cannot stand up for themselves. Sports are a window into life! People cannot go to church in the morning and forget about doing he right thing that afternoon or evening! We all need to stand up and demand decency, fairness and equality in all walks of life, including SPORTS! I tried to teach my children that the hardest time in life to stand up and be heard is when you are the only one speaking up for the underdog! Yes, it is difficult to do, but like speaking up here, it is the right thing to do! Stand up for the little guy and demand decency from ALL OF YOUR ELECTED LEADERS – starting at the top! I will pray for you all! Good Luck! I know we can all come together AGAIN FOR THE GOOD OLE USA!

  35. I, like most people will only watch this racist clown show when the are forced to do so. There is nothing said on the clown channel thats news or non political.
    98% agree with me! The other 2% is most likely the ESPN clowns themselves

  36. The first thing to do is dump Stephen A Smith. When he’s on it’s like watching “The View”..

  37. I stop watching ESPN all together, because I was tried of the political commentators. I am done with ESPN period.

  38. Use to watch, before politic became the over powering agenda! No longer watch ESPN!

  39. Racism Is Alive in America!! But Too Much tolerance has allowed it to be spun around And Now Whites are the victims.

  40. I use to watch a lot of ESPN sports until politics came along. Now I am sick of politics with sports.
    I now could care less about ESPN sports!
    I know others that feel the same way I do.

  41. Turned off espn years ago because of a lot of their personal. Now it’s one long talk show with very little sports.

  42. Stopped watching espn years ago. I don’t need to hear a sports star or commentator voice their opinion, when they are unable to put two sentences together in the first place.

  43. If ESPN were to feature people such as Dr. Ben Carson, an incredibly intelligent neurosurgeon (one of the most difficult subspecialties to go into), I would watch! I can’t stand stupid people pontificating about stupid things.

  44. Who watches this show anyway!!!!!
    Steven A. is arrogant and the other guy(sorry dont know his name?) is a jerkoff.

  45. I am sick to death of every yahoo who has the use of a microphone on tv or radio or internet trying to influence people on subjects about which they know NOTHING

  46. It should tell ESPN that fans don’t like leftist propaganda mixed in, however, since leftism is a mental illness, it is very doubtful.

  47. It’s not just ESPN although they’re horrible offenders. It’s spread to columnists Like Peter King and the once popular Mike Lupica who got infected years ago. It’s arrogance at the highest level for them to preach their left wing politics. Sports is an escape. They try their best to ruin it.

  48. Your sports coverage is bad enough
    w/o your political views. You
    perhaps should hire Greta to
    add expertise.

  49. I haven’t turned on ESPN in years. Their color announcers are too political, opinionated, obnoxious and hog the air time. We the people, are not interested in them or their bias opinions. Most of what they say is plain BS. Just give us the game.

  50. Who cares, I don’t watch…… Blacks destroyed basketball a long, long time ago and they did the same to football a few years back. I can’t watch them.

  51. I played sports at all levels al the way up to and including a brief stint professionally and have coached at all levels except professionally. I am now 69 years old and quit watching ESPN after Trump was elected President due to biased liberal comments. I had ESPN on in at least one TV in my house 16 hours a day up to 2017. Do not watch even 30 seconds a day anymore!!!!

  52. People are fed up with the leftist ideology infiltrating even sports. People like to enjoy seeing their teams play for the love of the sport and not as another channel of propaganda. And I’d like to see the athletes play honorably, and sing and respect our flag and national anthem. They wouldn’t be so successful and free to make those big $ and love of their fans in a leftist, dictatorship. Love and respect America again.

  53. I stopped watching sometime ago for just that reason. If I want politics I’ll go to a rally, there I expect it.

  54. One of the reason I stopped watching sports is because of ESPN/athletes and their political brainwashing of viewers.

  55. I have already stopped watching any of it. And I don’t plan on ever watching it again.

  56. Colin kappernik end up back in his mothers basement trying to use a platform of disrespect to the men and women that had served this nation. I hope he doesn’t ever have that opportunity afforded to him again. The same goes for ESPN. No political narrative in sports it’s may the best person win it’s not about race or ideology you want your team to win. It’s called a purest attitude. Have a good day.

  57. I don’t watch sports to hear the NEWS!!! If you want people to tune in to Sports you better knock that crap off. No one has to listen to a damn spirts commentator give their opinion, you aren’t paid to deliver NEWS, just SPORTS!

  58. ESPN is a Democrat run company therefore it’s going to spread racism and Hate that’s what they do that’s why nobody watches them anymore I haven’t watched them in years I didn’t even know they were still around

  59. I stopped listening to ESPN when players started kneeling. I’m American and not RACIST so ESPN IS NOT ANYTHING I’ll EVER WATCH AGAIN

  60. The only program I watch on ESPN is the college football final game. The reason for that is because one of their channels has no broadcasters. It only has the sounds that you would hear if you were at the game. It is great as you even get to see all the pre game and half time show without the bull from over paid people who think they know everything sports and politics.

  61. I am sick and tired of every talking head feeling the need to inject their opinions into politics. Leave the politics to the politicians and the talking heads to their little “5 minutes of fame.” It seems more and more their opinions are what we hear and not the facts so leave it out!

  62. How about applying the same standards to the worthless liberals trying to destroy religion, you moron.

  63. Too late ESPN. You want another chance after showing your true anti-American colors. You would have to eliminate all existing broadcasters and not sure that would be enough. You have already shown what the corporate mind set and beliefs are.

  64. When I watch any sports I am watching because I want to watch especially football but I don’t want to have someone shoving politics down my throat. I can get my politics from watching the news.

  65. Sport players need to focus on sports only, just like movie actors should just focus on movies. They need to leave politics out & stay out of it cuz that’ll only make them look stupid if they involve politics into movies or sports

  66. I watch sport for sports NOT POLITICS! Most politics articles are a collection of information that favors only one side not both as it should be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Very good idea to stop. Sports used to be a good all American pastime until they got carried away with politics, left or right. Utilize your poll and thanks for asking.


  68. politics and sports make very bad relationships…..wives and men have very different interests….

  69. Sad.. been a loyal viewer of ESPN for a very long time.. I can’t believe what the station has transformed into. I don’t recognize it anymore. It’s bad enough that the once proud, once respected MSM has disappeared and become the bias mouthpiece of the Democrat liberal left. Now we have ESPN turning from their once proud, once respected ALL SPORTS SOLID REPORTING… GREAT SHOWS….. GREAT INTERVIEWS…. GREAT GAMES…. into just a run of the mill, lackluster, politically influenced by the liberal left, show… that has simply lost its way… lost its identity. Not sure they can get it back. They have offended a lot of people… Some may never come back. I’m hoping that ESPN gives me a reason to start watching, start liking their shows again. Hope that upper management comes to their senses and gets back to doing the things that made ESPN Successful…. enjoyable to watch and listen to…. Common Sense must prevail over mindless politically motivated rhetoric

  70. I quit watching espn long ago because of there attempted indoctrination of their viewing audience to left wing thinking.
    Will not watch their programs and advise friends and family of what they will get with espn

  71. ESPN has enough FREAKS “talking Sports” that they do not need sHEP HOLES VOMITING POLITICAL NONSENSE …. STICK TO SPORTS MORONS !!

  72. I stopped watching almost entirely. when did their hiring policy require hiring mostly unattractive women and blacks.

  73. I stopped watching every sport when that sport started disrespecting our country. End of discussion. I’m a veteran and I enjoy nascar they were getting on the edge but that’s one sport that hasn’t done it yet

  74. Just a note – the USA is not, and never has been, a democracy. We are a Constitutional Republic. That being said, no politics on sports channels. Thank you.

  75. ESPN?? Whats that? Ive almost completely dropped the television too. Theres always something unimportant thats more important than getting preached to by political rookies injecting media spew in order to take home their paycheck from the network. Go fishing people! Anything is more important than ESPN!!

  76. Kerr is great example of crazy politics. Players in NBA another. I am not watching NBA again. I know nobody cares but that is just one lifetime basketball nut’s view

  77. We do not watch anything anymore with a left agenda. They are evil Tyrants that should leave America ASAP. Scums. Including all of the sports that has Kaepernick on for anything. Lots of people agree!

  78. Didn’t know ESPN was in competition with ‘The View’. ESPN is going to have to change their name to ‘Pals with Pussies’ for viewership.

  79. Absolutely agree with you-sports should be just that without the politics!!!! Will no longer watch ESPN and its announcers spout off its left wing political crap.

  80. I want to know if the communist Chinese are funding ESPN like the major newspapers in America. This is a sports channel, stay out of politics! Besides that I don’t watch ESPN any longer, I hate talk shows!!!!

  81. AMEN Vicki!! Haven’t watched NFL or NBA since the disrespectful act occured. Now, no more NASCAR after 50+ years. Bowing to this mob has to stop. I have cancelled my TV service and am taking notes of the CS corporations knuckeling to this BS.

  82. With what went on last couple years in the NFL , and the NFL Commissioner pulling his stunt just recently . I decided its Time To Stop Being FAN of any SPORTS ( Especially Anything NFL / NFL NETWORK ) > Plus to Stop Watching any of their Programs filled with Propaganda !
    Sports isn’t about Sports anymore , So , Seriously I don’t miss it !

  83. We are bombarded with politics ad nauseam. These guys don’t even know what they are talking about. Give us a break.

  84. ESPN has become unwatchable. I don’t know how much money they are paid by the Democratic Party, but I do know it has ruined the programs. I used to look to them to hear and see good sports. What on earth makes management and the program director think that anyone cares about what the sports commentator thinks about his and their liberal views. Until they change, I will continue watching real sports programs on any other channel. Wake up ESPN: everyone is not liberals.

  85. Many of us use sports for precisely what it is – entertainment, and even a distraction from ALL of the political nonsense going on. In addition, while these athletes are gifted and of extraordinary talent, just as with actors (like DeNiro – an excellent actor) their opinion is of little pertinence, certainly NOT objective and has no place on the airwaves. Why is a platform out of their field of expertise, even put out there ?? In these arenas – sports, and Hollywood – their opinions are as pertinent as any of the other 330 million U.S. citizens, and I wouldn’t want their opinions just aired publicly when I’m looking for Sports ! Of course ESPN isn’t doing this a a public service – they’re doing it to grab headlines and the $$$ it brings along with it something much less noble !!!

  86. I canceled my subscription to sports Illustrated, back in 2017, told them get politics out of the magazine, & I might return. Haven’t watched foot ball either, & don’t miss it! love college football

  87. I don’t watch espn anymore due to their deranged leftist blabbers. Steven Smith is a racist and is so obnoxious I would mute the tv.

  88. Some people want to separating sports and politics,it’s not that simple. We have the same issues in sports,(1) social (2)economic and (3) justice… When political, social and economic issue develop we should deal with it… face it own it and correct it.. Everything we do in America is connected and it affect the American people…

  89. I agree with what They had defensive coordinator for the Redskins, Jack Del Rio recently posted: “let’s all be Americans”.
    Let’s keep the political crap out of sports!

  90. It’s great to be a citizen in the great United States of America where the pastime has always been sports. Most people watch sports to relax with family & friends. Normally watching sports on a Sunday afternoon had always been the time for families to be together. This is no place for politics.

  91. It’s great to be a citizen in the great United States of America where the pastime has always been sports. Most people watch sports to relax with family & friends. Normally watching sports on a Sunday afternoon had always been the time for families to be together. This is no place for politics.

  92. No need….their audience is all black now, anyway…it’s too late for them to procure an audience of real Americans, at this stage.

  93. removed ESPN ap from my smartphone & have stopped watching all of the ESPN stations–will not watch any more sports:(

  94. We quit watching ESPN last year because of thier LEFT WING slant . Haven’t missed them and still don’t miss them .

  95. Are you people too stupid to read the results of your own survey! I’m off all ESPN until further notice

  96. People are getting tired of mixing politics with sports, we don’t go to watch a game for any purpose that has anything to do with politics. We are sick of this crap
    if the players want to ruin sports by bringing in politics fine we don’t need them. Douglas Reutzel

  97. way to go Marleen – this johnson clown is so typical libtard – he accuses others of doing what he is doing in his very statement

  98. If you leave these left wing people out of the spot light they will go away leave the politics out. Especially the disrespectful people of our country they should be unemployed not ruining your business. The further you stay from that subject the better off you’ll be. Stick to game so people can enjoy. Listen to the heart beat of America stay in business. Be an American don’t make it harder than it needs to be.

  99. I have am tired of ESPN and other sports entities and their constant blending of left wing politics.
    I no longer watch ESPN and other sports programs. I have grown tired of the NBA and NFL and no longer watch them, I and a lot of my friends have found that we can live without the NBA and NFL. The games have been reduced to a side-show and no one cares what players and coaches have to say about politics. I like baseball but if it goes political then I can and will do without it.

    The players of all professional Sports are killing their Golden Goose. And, the owners coddle their players too much and they definitely pay them TOO MUCH MONEY. It is an insult to everyday hardworking people.

  100. I can not stomach ESPN or their commentators, they are some disgusting people.
    Much better off watching the cartoon network.

  101. It’s hard to believe that this country is in the mess that it is in all because of Colin Kaepernick. This political uproar seems to have his name. on it. If he ever sets foot on a football field agaain the NFL is finished

  102. I use to watch espn news every morning until they started their left wing bogus agenda , now I get my sports news from other sites, good luck to all yes men..

  103. Been watching and listening to sports for over 70 years. I will not watch football if they kneel or any other game for that matter. I think ESPN should report sport related info. I don’t need to hear their opinions, they are worthless anyway. Just like the newscasters (or is it the fake newscaster) just report the news. ESPN I just simply forgot what channel you are on. One more thing.. I read where Adam Schiff will move out of the country when Trump wins.. Just think how great America would be if all those big shots that said they would leave if Trump won the first time actually left. That just goes to show you their word means nothing

  104. sports is suppose to be just that, sports, you add in politics and the hatred starts, people should walk away until it stops because if they don’t it will never end

  105. I’m sick and tired of everybody with a camera in their face telling me how I should think and how I should act. Screw everybody, I.m 68 yrs. old and have an IQ of 148. No brag, just fact, I think I can figure it out on my own.

  106. Sports has taken a wrong turn into the political left talking points . These corporations are using the media as a tool to stifle real debate , did you ever wonder why there is no real debates on these stations . If you put Larry Elders in a debate with any of these left wing media outlets they would be humiliated he would destroy there most lethal weapon the race card . This is why you never see Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper of CNN have him in there show and why ESPN will not have him on either its plan and simple NO DEBATE with someone with real pushback then you can indoctrinate those that are listening . Enough of this BS we as viewers need to write and or turn them off if there not going to have real debate .

  107. The sports news people should keep there nose out of politics and do sports that they were hired to do.

  108. Sports and entertainment should be an escape from the world … it’s so freakin’ mentally draining to be bombarded with propaganda 24-7!

  109. I gave up sports (that I used to love) when the “knee” showed up. As a retired 23 year USN patriot, I refuse to watch ANY of these ungrateful bastards who kneel at the national anthem and burn/trample the Flag. I say go to hell to the overpaid ash…es.

  110. Amen! BTW there were many walls built in Jesus day to protect their citizens and businesses! Johnson seems to miss the true message of Jesus. 1. Love God with all your heart. 2. Love your neighbor as yourself.
    Neighbors are not the persons outside your city / country that are coming in to change / destroy / overthrow the city / country you live in. I believe in legal immigration! Let’s bring in persons wanting to be part of our country and to be better and to better the country.

  111. Stopped watching a very long time ago…It’s like if anyone is allowed to say anything over and above the actual program format, then it’s far game to continue and start to lose the ratings.

  112. If you’ve got a good head on your shoulders if you are going to start talking politics, fine, but when you don’t even have that, you just make yourself look bad. I believe that we should be responsible with our freedom of speech.

  113. Won’t be watching these guys ever again. Just like they don’t kneel to disrespect the flag, but we know that is not true. Sports use to be one place you could get away from it all, but no longer. Done with pro sports period!!!!

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