Golf might be boring, but at least professional golfers have some entertaining significant others.

And Masters winner Dustin Johnson isn’t just winning on the golf course.

That became obvious after pro-golfer Dustin Johnson’s wife went viral with some honeymoon pictures.

Most of us watch sports to be entertained.

That’s why fast-paced sports like football and hockey are near the top of the lists for most watched sports in America.

But not golf.

Golf, to many, is literally one of the most boring things you would watch in your free time.

If it’s something that your grandfather in a nursing home can be good at, then it isn’t a sport worth watching.

But thankfully, for golf, most professional golfer’s wives make the PGA worth watching.

You got Brooks Koepka’s significant other in model Jena Sims.

Then you have PGA golfer Daniel Berger with his girlfriend Victoria Slater.

But the next PGA golfer to join the hot wives club is Dustin Johnson.

Dustin married the love of his life in Instagram model Paulina Gretzky.

And Paulina damn near broke the Internet when she posted some of her pictures from their honeymoon.

Take a look for yourself.

Needless to say, Dustin is winning at life.

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