It’s hard for some to believe.

But there are a lot of things that are bigger than football.

And RG3 got the best news of his life live on-air during the Fiesta Bowl and you have to see his reaction.

This time of year is the best-of-the-best for many football fans.

You have teams vying to get in the NFL playoffs and fighting to make their season a success.

Then, in college football, you have the top of the top teams playing each other in the big bowl games.

And then coming up very shortly we’ll have the National Championship, which will be a fun game to watch between Georgia and TCU.

But Americans, now more than ever, are enthralled with football, it’s hard for many to believe that there’s more to life than just what happens on the gridiron.

Well, RG3 found out live on-air that football comes second to family.

RG3 has made a name for himself on ESPN as an outspoken football commentator.

And this past week RG3 was put on the sideline of the Michigan versus TCU game to provide commentary.

But while heading into the third quarter, RG3 got news he never would have expected.

Live on-air the former NFL great took a phone call from his wife.

His co-hosts were in shock that he had his headset off and were questioning what was going on when RG3 made the big announcement.

His wife was in labor.

You could see the joy of life upon his face.

So once he got congratulated by his co-host, RG3 booked it off the field with the cameraman trying to catch up behind him.

That’s something you won’t see again during a game.

But what makes the story even more interesting is that it was actually a false call.

His wife had false labor, so RG3 rushed home and probably lost some money from ESPN on a false alarm.

But at least the experience brings life into perspective as many things are bigger than the kids’ sport of football.

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