Social media makes it easy to swoop into someone’s messages and send them a dirty message.

But poor Robert Griffin III ain’t got no chance to see his dirty messages.

That’s because RG3’s wife just called out all them thirsty women in his DMs and made sure that they have no chance with her man.

Back in the day you had to put in some time, effort, and money to get lucky on the dating scene.

Now all you gotta do is send someone a message on Instagram and next thing you know you got some booty.

Getting some is too easy today.

That is, if you aren’t RG3.

You can imagine that someone like RG3 gets some raunchy DMs.

The man is a famous athlete who is now a famous commentator on ESPN.

But RG3’s wife makes damn sure he doesn’t get any dirty DMs from thirsty women.

The man has his wife running his social media accounts.

And she called out all them hoes for trying to get some from her man.

Grete Griffin posted a video on TikTok with the caption, “Thirsty women in my husbands DM’s not knowing I run his social media.”

@_thegriffinfamily The joke’s on you 😂😂 #GriffinFamily #DM #Thirsty #biggestfan ♬ Lady Gaga Paparazzivmaperformance – ladygaga.romania

But you can’t feel too sorry for the man.

One, it will save him money in the long run as them hoes are expensive.

But two, the man is literally married to a fitness model.

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