We all remember when Robert Griffin III was supposed to be the next big thing in the NFL.

Well, after a few hits, RG3 became another has-been as he dropped out of the league.

And while Robert Griffin III might be missing from professional sports, his wife shows off why he is still winning at life.

Big names in college football have come and gone when they enter the NFL.

But few stars from college football were bound to be more of a success in the NFL than Robert Griffin III.

The man was a stud in college football at Baylor as he shredded defenses with his amazing arm and unmatched running ability.

Not to mention the fact that RG3 was a Heisman winner.

His amazing potential in the NFL didn’t go unnoticed as he was selected second overall in the 2012 Draft.

And in his first year in the NFL, RG3 went on to have one hell of a season with 3,200 passing yards and 20 touchdown passes for the Washington Redskins.

But ultimately his success and road to glory was cut short after taking countless injuries from trying to be a running back.

Since his days at Washington, he has become a has-been and now his career is at a point where he is just an announcer.

But even though RG3 might not have had the long-term success he wanted on the field, he is still winning at life.

The man ended up scoring off the field and married Estonian track star Grete Sadeiko.

The two have had two daughters since being married with the latest girl being born in 2019.

Well, Grete decided to show us all that RG3 is still a winner by posting on Instagram pictures of her “mom bod”.

Dudes a Hall of Famer in our book.

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