It’s July, which means the weather is hot and baseball season is in full swing.

The season is already well past the halfway mark, and fans are growing impatient for the postseason.

But this notoriously rowdy fan base just took things to a new level after going berserk at a recent game.

Ask any baseball fan who has the most obnoxious and rowdy fan base and they will all tell you that the New York Yankees wear this crown.

Admittedly, the New York Yankees have won more World Series (27 in total) than any other team by a long shot.

This accomplishment has given Yankees fans pride that cannot be matched by any other fan base.

Very few fan bases have fans who demand such a high bar of excellence and who treat every game as if it were a life and death scenario.

Yankees fans are relentless, and will never let you forget how many World Series their team has won over the years.

But much to the delight of Yankees everywhere, and to the chagrin of everyone else, the Yankees are playing like a World Series ball club right now.

As it stands right before the All-Star break, the Yankees have the best record in all of professional baseball with an excellent record of 64-28.

So as you can imagine, Yankees fans are as obnoxious and as outspoken as ever.

As a result, fights have become even more prevalent in the bleachers at Yankees stadium.

But you will not want to miss this crazy fight from the other day.

As the matchup between the Yankees and the Cincinnati Reds went into extra innings, tempers began to flare.

A duo began harassing another man and then things quickly began to get intense.

Fists started flying and beers started splashing.

It did not take long for a full-on brawl to ensue before security could break things up.

As far as baseball fights go, this one is about as wild as it gets.

And it should come as no surprise that this came later in the game, hours of drinking clearly took its toll on these die-hard Yankees fans and they clearly had no self-control in these extra innings.

But for the New York Yankees, this is business as usual, but typically you see fans fighting like this when things are more dire.

Just goes to show you that win or lose, Yankees fans are still ready for a good fight.

As far as the actual Yankees are concerned, things are looking very good for the Bronx Bombers so far.

It will be interesting to see if they have what it takes to win another World Series title.

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