The NFL used to be filled with crowd-pleasing, bone-crushing hits.

But few players have laid the wood more than former Steelers hard-hitter Ryan Clark.

And Ryan Clark shocked viewers as he opened up as to what would happen to him in the NFL if he delivered one of his classic hits today.

There are few things you really remember about games over time.

Some of us remember a game-winning drive, or maybe even an interception to seal the game.

But everyone remembers a massive hit they saw during an NFL game.

There’s just nothing else like a big hit to get fans on their feet.

When a player just levels and decleats an unsuspecting victim on the field it just gets the blood flowing and the cheers going.

And the big hitters over the past decade or two, names like Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher pop up.

But many considered Ryan Clark of the Pittsburgh Steelers to be one of the most underrated heavy hitters the NFL has had in recent memory.

Most of us know Ryan Clark now as the outspoken ESPN commentator.

But back in the day, Ryan Clark used to put players to sleep on the field.

And one of his biggest hits was on Ravens’ Willis McGahee where he caused a fumble in the 2008 AFC Championship game.

Recently, Ryan Clark went on the Pro Football Network to talk about that bone-crushing hit.

Clark joked about how he could see the play coming and how he wasn’t going to stop until he ran through McGahee’s facemask.

And when Ryan Clark was asked about the hit and what would happen in 2022 he claimed, “Oh, I would go to jail.”

We all know that a hit like that in 2022 would end his career – suspensions, fines, the whole nine yards.

Hopefully the NFL can find its balls again and allow players to deliver more big hits, even if they need to be done “safely.”

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