The entire point of sports is to escape normal life through an exciting and competitive medium.

Sports should be entertaining and enjoyable.

But the other day, woke commentator Shannon Sharpe went off the rails about Trump. Now the Internet is roasting him for it.

Over the past several years, professional sports have been completely ruined by the radical Left.

Just watch any professional sporting event for proof.

Before the game even starts, we are bombarded with anti-American protests during the national anthem, not to mention that there are often multiple national anthems to appeal to varying demographics.

This ought to infuriate anybody who is really concerned with racial equality.

But as we all know, the protests and woke messaging in professional sports has nothing to do with equality.

The name of the game is dividing America and advancing the causes of the radical Left.

Not only have professional sports been poisoned by this infusion of wokeness but sports media has been as well.

Just look at ESPN, as of late, very little of what they discuss has to do with sports.

These days it seems like sports networks like ESPN talk about politics and current events more than some news outlets do.

For example, during the 2020 riots all ESPN talked about was “police brutality “ and racial inequality with no mention of sports.

The same is true right now, turn on ESPN and almost certainly they are talking about Ukraine or Will Smith’s Oscar slap.

And when it comes to overtly political sports commentators, few are worse than Shannon Sharpe.

As a tight end, Shannon Sharpe was an absolute beast in his day, there is no denying it.

But as a sports commentator he is nothing more than a bumbling fool.

In fact, it seems as if he has a hard time putting a coherent sentence together most days.

And it looks like this genius is now trying to convince people that Donald Trump should never be President again.

On Twitter the other day, Shannon Sharpe was griping about how high the price of gas is.

One person commented, pointing out that these gas prices are almost entirely Joe Biden’s fault.

Sharpe replied by saying “I’d rather pay 20 bucks a gallon than have Trump in office.”

Not only is this comment painfully elitist, but its very stupid.

And Twitter let him know that.

One commenter claimed “Shannon Sharpe makes $3 million a year. But he wants you and I to suffer because Donald Trump hurts his feelings. Clown.”


Another translated Sharpe’s tweet as really saying, “I hate poor people.”

Does griping about Trump have anything to do with sports?

Of course not.

Sharpe needs to focus on what he knows.


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