Football is a Thanksgiving Day tradition.

And in 2020, America needed its annual Turkey Day games as a reminder that at least some aspects of life were returning to normal.

But something happened during a Thanksgiving Day football game that made Trump say these two words.

The Detroit Lions always host the first Thanksgiving Day NFL game.

This year, they took on the Houston Texans.

It was a game with not much on the line other than the job security of Lions Head Coach Matt Patricia who, in his third year, sports a 13-29-1 record and – if the rumors are true – is coaching for his job every week.

The Lions didn’t help his cause on Thanksgiving as they played sloppy and uninspired football getting routed 41-25 by a Texans team that was 3-7 coming into the game.

But the most memorable moment of the game was when Lions quarterback Matt Stafford and Texans quarterback DeShaun Watson both knelt for the national anthem in a symbol of protest against the American military and flag.

President Trump took note of the anti-American demonstration and retweeted a photo of the disgraceful display simply saying “no thanks!”

The President said he won’t watch any game where he sees America-hating players kneeling for the anthem.

Judging by this year’s ratings for the NFL many Americans agree with him.

This Thanksgiving, tyrannical Democrat Governors and Mayors were ordering Americans to disinvite family members and setting up Orwellian spying units to respond to “illegal” Thanksgiving Day gatherings.

The NFL could have played a big role by allowing Americans – at least for a couple of hours – to forget everything they hate about 2020.

Instead, the NFL threw it right back in their faces at the start of the first Thanksgiving Day game.

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