Leftists love to trash white Americans as being racist.

In doing so, they’ve completely lost their sense of humor.

So when South Koreans mocked different nations during the Olympics’ opening ceremonies, leftists went absolutely berserk.

Leftist have tried their best over the past couple decades to claim that white conservative Americans are racist.

They have even claimed that white conservatives are the biggest terrorist threat to our nation.

But in their bid to claim everything is “racist” they’ve completely lost their sense of humor.

While the Olympic’s opening ceremonies were taking place, nearly every nation in the world was airing it on their media affiliates.

Most are rather boring as they just show the parade of nations entering the Olympic arena.

But South Korean news decided to try something new.

They decided to post stereotypical imagery associated with particular nations.

When Romania entered the arena the South Korean news outlet MBC aired a picture of Dracula.

Don’t worry it gets better.

For Italy, the station aired a picture of pizza.

When the large delegation from Norway entered an image of a salmon fillet popped up on the screen.

An image of Chernobyl was on the screen when the Ukraine delegation showed up.

Of course, all jokes can go a little too far as this one did when the handful of Olympians for Haiti were represented by MBC as a picture of civil unrest.

MBC’s President Park Sung-jae was caught off guard by the backlash from the images and told reporters, “As the chief executive of MBC’s content, I offer my deepest apologies with my head bowed down to the people who had to go through pain due to our reckless and careless broadcast and to viewers who were disappointed with us.”

But at least give props to the South Koreans for adding some form of entertainment to an otherwise boring ceremony.

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