Here is something you don’t see every day.

Usually, fans just sit back and relax during baseball games.

But spectators were in shock as a fan at an MLB game saved his date’s life with a beer.

For many, the return of spring means the return of baseball.

Shockingly the MLB is back this year after being absent for over a year due to government imposed lockdowns.

And the return of baseball means the chance for fans to lay back and enjoy the games in the stands.

Nothing beats going to a game on a nice sunny day while eating a hot dog and washing it down with a cold one.

But recently, one fan had a game in the stands he will never forget.

And the fan faced a question many of us hope we never have to face: Do you save your $12 ballpark beer or your date?

It’s an age-old dilemma of choosing between booze or a woman.

Well while at an Angels’ spring training baseball game, a fan had to make the choice in a split second decision.

A foul ball was on its way to de-brain an unsuspecting woman more worried about what’s on her phone than the impending line drive coming straight for her face.

And just as the ball was about to decimate her jaw, the woman’s date blocked the ball with his beer can.

The situation wasn’t all bad for the man who sacrificed his beer for his date.

The Angels wanted to reward sacrifice by giving the man more beer and a bat signed by Mike Trout.

Thankfully, for us, the unbelievable act of heroism was caught in pictures by a local photographer.

On Instagram, the photographer posted the pictures and stated:

While covering an @angels Spring Training game today, a line drive foul ball went wizzing into the crowd. I swung my camera with a 600mm plus 1.4 converter (840mm) trying to guess where the ball would go and barely caught on the edge of the frame the ball nailing a fans beer can and spraying everyone in the section with the beer. I felt bad for him losing a 12 dollar beer but it quite literally may have saved his dates life as it stopped the ball from hitting her in the head. His valiant sacrifice would be rewarded when Angels staff would deliver him a @miketrout autographed bat and more importantly, more beer!

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