Sports Illustrated made a name for itself by issuing spicy swimsuit magazines over the years.

But these days Sports Illustrated is more worried about promoting the radical Left’s agenda than it is making sales of its swimsuit edition.

And the famed magazine just came out with its new swimsuit edition. But it ought to have a graphic content warning.

Sports media has boomed over the past couple decades.

It went from just ESPN to countless programs that are dedicated to sports.

And in the magazine niche, Sports Illustrated has shown itself to be dominant over the rest of the sports media field.

Since the 1950s, Sports Illustrated has been a leader in breaking ground on managing important news stories.

And one of Sports Illustrated’s leading annual issues now is the swimsuit edition.

The swimsuit edition in the past has been worth the buy and made headlines for the women in the shoots.

Nothing like Kate Upton in a swimsuit.

But like everything else in society, Sports Illustrated has drastically downgraded from the likes of Kate Upton to using woke “models” from the WNBA to promote “social justice.”

That’s turned this year’s swimsuit edition into nothing but an eyesore.

Someone needs to be fired for being this bad at their job.

This isn’t the Make-A-Wish foundation or the Special Olympics.

Countless guys look forward to the swimsuit edition every year like Christmas.

Who thought it would be a good idea to use players from the WNBA for a swimsuit shoot?

What’s 2023’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition going to feature, fat trannies?

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