Democrats are celebrating the results of the 2020 election despite serious concerns over voter irregularities.

Many concerned Americans want to make sure that election integrity is upheld.

But one sports reporter viciously attacked one football legend after his 2020 election comments.

Heisman trophy winner and pro football legend Herschel Walker has come under fire since supporting Donald Trump.

Walker spoke on Trump’s behalf at the Republican National Convention, and he’s been attacked by the Left ever since.

MSNBC host Tiffany Cross even said that all the black faces at the RNC reminded her of a “minstrel show.”

Now Walker tweeted about the 2020 election, and Fox Sports 1 reporter Jason McIntyre said the former Heisman Trophy winner was suffering from CTE.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a condition caused by repeated brain injury in sports like football and boxing that can lead to memory loss, confusion, and fits of rage.

So far, it can only be detected by autopsy.

The NFL has paid hundreds of millions in settlements related to CTE, so the condition is no laughing matter.

And to slough off Walker’s concerns about the election as simply “CTE” is preposterous.

McIntyre also suggested that America is behaving like a third-world country because Trump supporters are challenging election integrity.

McIntyre is right to wonder if we’re in a banana republic, but not for the reason he thinks.

Trump supporters wanted the voting to stop until poll watchers were allowed to observe the counts that were taking place.

Many poll watchers said they were either denied access to the voting taking place, or they were forced to stand as far as 100 feet away.

Walker’s concerns about the election are shared by many, and if the country can endure Al Gore’s 2000 election challenge that lasted 37 days, it can withstand the scrutiny of extreme voter irregularities in swing states.

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