NFL fans spend most every offseason closely following a number of storylines, as they search for info on where some of the biggest names in the game will end up.

But with sports betting now becoming a nationwide industry, there is now a new source of information for fans to dissect.

And according to sportsbooks across the nation, this Hall of Fame quarterback will retire this week.

Throughout this offseason, the NFL world has been dominated by the Aaron Rodgers saga.

Fans, the media, and even those inside the NFL have watched as the relationship between Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers reached a point of no return.

Now, they find themselves patiently waiting for Rodgers to make his final move — will he cave to the Packers and come back, or will he stand strong and ultimately walk away from football rather than ever playing in Green Bay again?

Of course, for the past few months, the prevailing wisdom has been that Rodgers will retire.

But without anything concrete, fans have looked frantically for any clues that could tell them what the quarterback will do before he actually does it.

And thanks to the ever growing sportsbooks industry, fans may have their answer.

According to reports, numerous sportsbooks in Las Vegas – and other states smart enough to legalize sports betting – have closed all of its NFC North futures markets including projected wins, playoff odds, divisional odds and weekly lines for the four division teams.

All of these oddsmakers have made the determination that the reigning NFL MVP is so important to the Packers that they cannot accurately set odds for the entire division without knowing exactly what he’ll do.

At the same time, multiple sportsbooks have told Sports Illustrated and other outlets that the feeling amongst the oddsmakers is that Rodgers will retire from football sometime before the first practices on Wednesday.

As for the sportsbooks that are still taking action on the Packers and NFC North, they’ve apparently taken to downgrading the Packers odds and making a team like the Vikings the favorites in the division.

Apparently, most sportsbooks believe – and remember, sportsbooks are almost always right – that Rodgers is looking to pull a similar maneuver as former quarterback Carson Palmer did back in 2011.

At that time, Palmer demanded a trade from the Bengals, and after the team refused to give in, he retired, ultimately forcing the team to trade him to the Raiders.

Interestingly, the agent who helped Palmer orchestrate his departure from Cincinnati, David Dunn, also now happens to be Aaron Rodgers agent.

So, this could certainly be one of those “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” situations.

Sportsbooks are rarely wrong, so if they’re predicting that Rodgers will retire by Wednesday, odds are he’s going to retire.

But as has been the case with everything involving Rodgers and the Packers this season, only time will tell how this all goes down.

UPDATE: Sources close to Aaron Rodgers say he is going to play for Green Bay.

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