Luck is a huge part of everything we do in life and especially in sports.

Unfortunately for one professional baseball player his luck ran out.

And this star MLB baseball player had the worst day of his life as he had $650K robbed from his car.

It takes a heck of a lot of skill, determination, and performance enhancing drugs to become a professional sports player.

But oftentimes, a player’s career isn’t determined by skill.

History is made by luck.

Luck has made many teams champions.

And for young stud Wander Franco from the Tampa Bay Rays, his unlucky streak isn’t a good sign for his career.

Franco has been a young sensation on the field for the Rays.

But his luck has been sucking lately as he dropped to Triple A ball after playing for the Rays and suffering a recent injury.

To make matters worse, Franco had $650,000 worth of jewelry stolen from his car.

That’s not a typo.

The man had $650K of jewelry just chilling in his car.

According to reports, a hooded man was seen running away from Franco’s car with a safe in his hands.

And in the safe was:

$300,000 gold, diamond-crusted Cuban link chain and circle medallion with diamonds and a W in the center
$200,000 rose gold Cuban link chain with diamonds
$70,000 gold pendant with a medallion in green and blue lettering spelling “FRANCO 5”
$44,000 Platinum Rolex watch with diamonds
$20,000 American League championship ring
$20,000 championship ring from Durham
$5,000 gold pendant of Jerry the mouse from the “Tom and Jerry” cartoon”

Looks like money wisely spent by Franco.

Who doesn’t want a $5,000 gold Jerry the mouse on a gold chain?

Poor guy can’t catch a break.

But guys, the moral of the story here is not to have $650,000 of jewelry in your car.

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