There are few larger characters in sports broadcasting than Stephen A. Smith.

But it turns out that he isn’t just putting athletes in the hot seat.

And Stephen A. Smith had enough of woke co-host Max Kellerman and took action.

If you like big personalities, then you will like Stephen A. Smith.

Smith is best known as the star co-host of ESPN’s First Take.

He is ruthless on First Take, which is why so many people tune in.

But he’s a character off the set too, and keeps everyone laughing – except Dallas fans.

Well, Stephen A. Smith is back in the spotlight after his co-host Max Kellerman was kicked off the show and demoted to sports radio.

Many have questioned why and the answer may finally be revealed.

According to media insider Andrew Marchand, Smith wanted Kellerman off First Take for a while now.

Marchand claims that Smith wanted Kellerman gone to have more of a challenge on his show.

But we all know that isn’t the case.

They two have butted heads for a long time.

And Smith couldn’t stand how Kellerman did everything he could to bow down to Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernick on the show.

Now the question is who will Stephen A. Smith pick to replace Max Kellerman on First Take.

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