We are all used to dumb sports takes from ESPN by now.

But this has to be one of the worst takes ever and that’s a high bar to hit.

And Stephen A. Smith is doing what he does best: being a racist.

ESPN used to be the go-to place for sports news and analysis.

We used to have big names like Dan Patrick on ESPN providing insight that you can’t get today.

Now we have ass-wipes like Stephen A. Smith headlining the stations.

For some reason, ESPN keeps pushing the man as one of their main acts.

He has been on all of their main programs and even has his own show.

But his only name to fame has been to be a race-baiter.

Just earlier this NFL season, Stephen A. Smith was claiming it was racist to be a white guy calling out Aaron Donald for using helmets as lethal weapons during practice.

Well, the skinnier, less talented Al Sharpton is at it again.

Celtics coach Ime Udoka has been accused of getting his thing on with a staffer for the Celtics, which breaks the organization’s rules.

And ultimately, Udoka is getting suspended for throwing his thing around in places it ain’t supposed to be.

But the race-baiter himself claimed on ESPN, “there’s plenty of white folks out there doing their thing, I don’t see the information out about them.”

Yes, Stephen A. Smith, you are right.

If it was a white wanker going places no man should go, the media wouldn’t cover the story.

But just because Udoka’s wanker is black, all of the sports media wants to write about his suspension.

So much in-depth, investigative journalism by Stephen A. Smith.

Maybe he is just upset because he is the most unathletic guy on ESPN, regardless of race.

We all know that Rex Ryan would whoop Stephen A. Smith’s butt in any athletic competition.

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