It’s no secret that ESPN has a politically left bend to their shows.

Recently, they’ve taken that to the extreme in their full-on support for Black Lives Matter and the riots.

But Stephen A. Smith just said one of the most racist things about white people live on ESPN that will leave your jaw on the floor.

The Brooklyn Nets have been in a rebuild stage for a few years in the NBA.

But they faced a setback when their head coach Kenny Atkinson resigned from the position in March earlier this year.

And now that they’ve acquired some talent to make it to the NBA playoffs – with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving coming back from injuries next year – they’re looking to add a couple final pieces to their puzzle to make a run for the NBA title after being knocked out of the first round this year.

So when the Brooklyn Nets announced they were hiring Steve Nash as their head coach, Nets fans and basketball fans alike all knew this was a smart move.

But Stephen A. Smith didn’t like it.

In reaction to the Nets’ move to hire one of the greatest point guards of all time and a successful team coach for the Warriors in Steve Nash, Smith said that Nash won the job because of “white privilege.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, there’s not way around this. This is about white privilege,” Stephen A. began. “It just does not happen for a black man.”

Even a former NBA player Jay Williams stepped up to call out Stephen A. by setting him straight saying it wasn’t “white privilege.”

Williams rightly pointed out that in today’s NBA, players have all the control. If they have enough star, power they can pick their coaches.

And there’s no way Nets stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant didn’t give Nash the thumbs up.

Steve Nash is regarded as one of the best point guards of all time and one of the best people to work with on the basketball court.

As a player, Nash was a two-time NBA MVP, eight-time NBA All-Star, and seven-time NBA all-team player, including 3 NBA first-team appearances.

He’s also a member of the coveted 50-40-90 club, where a player shoots at least 50% from the field, 40% from the three point line, and 90% from the free throw line – a club with only 8 players in all of NBA history.

To say that Nash winning the head coaching position in Brooklyn is “white privilege,” is actually just racist against white people.

Nash is more than qualified for the position.

Another prime example of a former white NBA player that was given a shot as a head coach is none other than Steve Kerr, head coach of the Warriors and teammate of Michael Jordan’s on the 96-97 Chicago Bulls team.

Steve Nash doesn’t have to apologize to Stephen A. Smith for being a hard working white man that has succeeded.

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