Texas Christian University shocked the college football world this past weekend as they defeated Michigan in the Fiesta Bowl.

But that wasn’t the only win for TCU.

And TCU just broke the Internet with the best victory video montage and roast of Michigan you will ever see.

Heading into the semi-finals of college football, very few people were calling for Texas Christian University to even have a chance against the Michigan Wolverines.

Michigan looked dominant throughout the year as they walked through the Big Ten.

And Texas Christian University just came off of a disappointing loss in the Big 12 championship.

So all the hype around TCU had diminished and the University of Michigan had all the momentum heading into the Fiesta Bowl.

Well, come to find out, the Fiesta Bowl was a fistfight.

TCU proved themselves to the nation to be a true championship-contending team in college football.

And throughout the Fiesta Bowl, they slugged it out punch-by-punch against one of the biggest programs in the nation.

And thanks to an awful snap by the University of Michigan in the final seconds of the game, TCU was able to pull off the upset to the shock of many.

But that wasn’t the only win TCU got from the Fiesta Bowl.

The Texas Christian University football Twitter page was going insane.

And after the win they posted a video that dunked on everyone who didn’t believe in TCU.

You just have to see the video to believe it.

This video would fit right in with the old Pepe the Frog videos that we had during the 2016 Presidential election.

And that’s what makes this video so glorious.

They dunked on the University of Michigan, Jim Harbaugh, and Barstool’s President Dave Portnoy to the point where they may never recover.

We need to see more of this in college football.

Maybe if there were more Pepe the Frog-style videos more people would watch college football.

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