The 2020 Olympics were postponed because of the coronavirus.

And many are hopeful that the summer games will happen soon once the government enforced shutdowns are over.

Now the 2022 Olympics are in jeopardy. But it isn’t because of the coronavirus.

Once every two years, the world is distracted by the Olympics.

Every time we are blessed with hours of useless sports that many never knew existed.

And American athletes become household names as they rise to the status of national heroes with amazing feats of athletic prowess.

But unfortunately, this year’s Summer Olympics didn’t happen due to the coronavirus and government enforced restrictions.

And now it looks like the 2022 Winter Olympics might not happen – but not because of coronavirus.

The 2022 Winter Olympics are set to take place in Beijing.

And as many people have known for the past fifty years, China doesn’t have the best track record at maintaining human rights.

That’s been crystal clear over the past year with China performing massive round ups of Xinjiang’s Muslims to send them to reeducation camps.

Such abuses of human rights has prompted several nations like Australia and Great Britain to consider boycotting the 2022 Winter Olympics.

On November 9, the Australian Senate debated a resolution to boycott the Winter Games with administrators in Britain not rolling out an absence from Beijing.

Only time will tell if the world decides to boycott China’s Winter Olympic games for their human rights violations.

But if the NBA is any indicator don’t hold your breath on the sports world standing up to China.

Our Sports with Balls team of experts think we all know what Beijing Biden’s administration will decide to do, but we want to hear what you think.

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