The World Series is well under way and so far it’s a very close matchup between the Astros and Braves.

Unfortunately, Atlanta has made some headlines from the Fake News Media not for their amazing postseason performance, but rather for their infamous Tomahawk Chop.

But the Tomahawk Chop just got endorsed by this legend and the Fake News Media is furious.

There is one man who has never allowed the Fake News Media to stand in his way, and that is, of course, former President Donald J. Trump.

And just the other night, Trump was seen tomahawk chopping at Game 4 of the World Series, which of course made countless social justice warriors’ heads spin.

As you can see, the crowd was delighted by Trump’s appearance and his support of the Braves.

In fact, they even serenaded him with a “Let’s Go, Brandon!” chant or two.



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As you can imagine, the blowback from the woke Left was harsh, and some of the reactions were nearly as entertaining as game four itself.

For example, David Zirin, an editor for the socialist rag The Nation wrote, “Got some props for ‘predicting’ that Trump would go to Atlanta for the World Series just so he could be filmed doing ‘the chop’ as a white supremacist wink to his minions. Honestly, that was like predicting the sun would set in the West. Racists gonna racist.”

If that does not make you burst out in laughter, our Sports with Balls team of experts don’t know what will.

Let’s not forget that the local Cherokee tribes have come out and said that they are fans of the Braves and their chants, but this does not stop these man-babies from being offended.

To the dismay of these easily offended white Leftists, it looks like the Tomahawk Chop is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Sports with Balls will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.