LeBron James has said and done some awful things as he leads the woke mob on social media.

But this time he might have gone just too far.

And now the backlash against LeBron James’ reaction to the Columbus Police shooting might lead LeBron to shut up and dribble.

LeBron James might be good at basketball, but he is a political idiot.

The man would rather love on the Chinese Communist Party and crap on the United States.

For example, back in 2019 and while playing in China, James turned on the Hong Kong peaceful protest and an NBA manager who showed support for their protest.

Back before the coronavirus hit, citizens of Hong Kong were in a daily struggle to keep what little freedoms they had left from the mainland Chinese Communist Party.

As a result, their peaceful protests for freedoms were violently crushed by the Chinese Communist Party and even peaceful protest leaders ended up missing.

This prompted the Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey to post a tweet in support of the Hong Kong protests.

James was asked about it and claimed that Morey was “either misinformed or not really educated on the situation. So many people could have been harmed, not only financially but physically, emotionally, spiritually.”

James despicably was referring to the NBA losing Chinese endorsements when he spoke of people being harmed.

Perhaps LeBron James could use some of his own advice after he put up a picture of a police officer on Twitter who killed Ma’Khia Bryant as she attacked a woman with a knife.

Rather than looking at the facts of the situation, LeBron James went onto social media to personally target the officer and stir the racial justice pot.

And thankfully the backlash has been swift against James for doing such a careless and thoughtless act.

Former New York Mets All-Star tweeted out “On behalf of pro athletes, current and former, I apologize for how #LeBronJames just showed his inner Maxine Waters and made a very real, ongoing threat to the life of the officer who quickly acted to prevent a knife attack from becoming worse. Many of us appreciate what LEOs do!”

Even the Fraternal Order of Police got their piece of James for showing his ignorance.

And the backlash on James just continued on Twitter.

James was so humiliated he eventually deleted his controversial tweet.

But it was too late to hide his ignorance on such a critical issue.