Mike Leach was one of the most legendary college coaches in the history of the sport.

Coach Leach’s success on the field and his personality was a combination that no other coach has achieved.

That’s why the college football world is distraught and heartbroken to hear the news about Coach Mike Leach.

College football has had some legendary coaches in the past.

Names like Lou Holtz and Bear Bryant are some that come to mind when you think of the greatest coaches of all time in college football.

And even today you think about names like Nick Saban who will always go down as the best of the best.

But there’s also one coach in our time that will go down as one of the most unforgettable coaches in the history of college football.

Mike Leach was something that few coaches dream of.

Coach Leach was successful on the field and had a personality and persona that you rarely see at the coaching level.

After winning games, he was known for going to talk to the press about topics no one else will even touch.

His press conferences have talked about Bigfoot, aliens, and basically anything else you can imagine.

And some sports reporters have even gone to him for life and marriage advice.

You can see why Coach Leach was one of the most liked figures in college football.

But this weekend the college football world got some news they never wanted to hear.

Coach Leach was having a medical emergency that no one could have expected.

Coach Leach suffered from a heart attack on Sunday night and was airlifted to the Mississippi State University Hospital for his critical condition.

And in a great loss to his family, his team, and the college sports world, Mike Leach passed away yesterday morning due to a “heart condition.”

Coach Leach will be missed as no one else will ever be like the legendary coach.

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