Coronavirus has made it a tough ten months for the sports world.

Leagues were forced to implement never before seen rules due to the government lockdowns and regulations.

Now the coronavirus is about to ruin one of the most iconic traditions in sports history.

2020 will be, by far, one of the most unforgettable years for sports.

Teams played in empty stadiums.

Coaches were forced to wear face shields or masks on the sidelines.

The Cleveland Browns made the playoffs.

But through all the craziness that came with 2020, Sports leagues managed to survive.

No matter what ridiculous rule the government threw at leagues and teams they adapted and kept playing.

But one iconic sports tradition is about to be ruined by the coronavirus.

Before the World Olympic games the hosting nation always displays the flaming Olympic Torch for the public to admire.

The Olympic torch is supposed to symbolize the continuation of the games since the ancient Greeks .

But now Japan is stopping the display of the Olympic Torch for the Tokyo Olympic Games due to the rise of coronavirus cases.

Tokyo is experiencing a jump of about 850 cases a day, which is driving the government to nearly lockdown everything around Tokyo.

Now the Olympics are completely in doubt with the surge of the coronavirus, which could mean the end of any chance of the Tokyo Olympics even taking place.

Time will tell if the coronavirus takes away one more enjoyable thing from us.

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