NFL fans had never seen anything like it before.

But when the NFL’s divisional playoff round ended, fans were left asking one question.

And that’s because the craziest weekend of NFL football ever ended because of the dumbest rule of all time.

The first three games of the Divisional Playoff round ended with the road team kicking a game winning field goal on the last play of the game.

The Cincinnati Bengals, San Francisco 49ers, and Los Angeles Rams all advanced to their conference title games in thrilling fashion.

But that was just the warmup.

On Sunday Night, Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes put on a quarterback duel straight out of a Hollywood movie.

Mahomes completed 33 of 44 passes for 378 and three touchdowns while Allen went 27 of 37 for 329 yards and four touchdowns.

In the last two minutes of the game, the teams combined for 28 points as each quarterback led his team down the length of the field for a go-ahead score, only to see the other respond.

When Josh Allen tossed a 19-yard touchdown pass to receiver Gabriel Davis with 13 seconds left to take a 36-33 lead, everyone figured Buffalo was on their way to the AFC Title game.

But the Bills elected to boot the kickoff through the end zone, instead of trying to squib the ball and waste time.

Mahomes then completed two passes for 49 yards in ten seconds to set a game tying field goal.

That’s where the controversy comes in.

The NFL’s ridiculous overtime rules still allow for a team to lose without ever touching the ball.

When the Chiefs won the coin toss, they took the ball.

Naturally, Mahomes led Kansas City right down the field on an 8-play 75 yard drive where Mahomes completed six straight passes including the game winning score to tight end Travis Kelce.

Because Kansas City scored a touchdown, the game ended right then and there.

In 2010, the NFL changed its overtime rule from sudden death where any score won the game, to forcing teams to play to six in overtime.

That way, teams couldn’t just win the coin toss and kick a field goal to win.

It gave the other team a chance to match.

But only if they didn’t give up a touchdown.

In the playoffs, where they play as many overtimes as it takes to see a winner, there is no reason that the other team shouldn’t get a chance to match a score on the opening drive even if it is a touchdown.

If the trailing team scores a touchdown to tie it up, then the game should proceed to sudden death.

The NFL’s ridiculous overtime rules robbed America of seeing if Josh Allen could lead his team down the field one last time to keep their Super Bowl dreams alive.

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