Perhaps one of the most noticeable changes to American culture following the race riots of 2020 were the sports teams that were forced to change their name.

Among the most notable changes was the Washington Redskins being forced to change their name to the “Washington Football Team” by the woke outrage mob.

But opposition to the change has emerged from a source that has the radical Left scratching their head.

The Washington Redskins are one of the oldest professional sports franchises in the world, dating all the way back to 1932.

Since then, the Skins have appeared in five Super Bowls, winning three.

Unfortunately, following the race riots of 2020, this storied franchise came to an end when corporate sponsors of the Redskins demanded a name change to appease the radical Left.

This included both their name as well as their internationally recognized logo.

But for one man, this change has proved to be especially painful.

This man is Don Wetzel, who is the son of Walter “Blackie” Wetzel, a tribal chairman of the Blackfeet tribe and the inspiration behind the iconic Redskins logo.

For the Wetzel family, this portrait was a symbol of pride for American Indians.

They feel that the strength and power it portrays was symbolic of the power of their people.

Wetzel went on to say that even the Redskins name does not bother him because he knows his father was a Redskins fan.

Wetzel is now making it his priority to claim ownership of the logo back, which is proving to be an arduous task.

He claims that when he tried to bring the subject up at a team meeting, leadership shouted him down and repeatedly changed the subject.

So what does all of this prove?

That the only people who wanted this name change were self-loathing white liberals.

Not a single Native American saw their lives improved by this change.

It was all done so that social justice warriors can pat themselves on the back.

If anything, the change should insult Native Americans across the country.

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