Let’s face it, this NFL offseason has been one for the books.

Across the NFL, players are ditching their old teams for new opportunities and many teams look completely different than they did just weeks ago.

However, this one team may move from one of the lousiest teams to Super Bowl favorites if these trade rumors end up being true.

As always, quarterbacks tend to get the most attention during free agency.

After all, having a solid quarterback is the foundation for success in professional football.

And without a doubt, there have been some major quarterback signings and trades this offseason.

But the most exciting quarterback story this offseason has been from the GOAT himself, Tom Brady.

After an exciting end to his 21st season in the NFL, Tom Brady announced he would be retiring.

This of course shocked the NFL world.

How could a legend like Brady leave without a proper send-off?

It just did not seem right.

Thankfully for fans, his retirement was short-lived.

After just a few weeks into his retirement, Brady announced he would be returning to the NFL for one more season because he simply could not enjoy watching from afar.

You have to respect the hustle.

Brady could easily walk away from football right now and be remembered as the greatest quarterback to play the game, but that is not what he is in it for.

The man wants to keep playing, and after last season you can’t blame him.

Last year Brady looked good as ever, taking his banged-up Tampa Bay squad to the divisional round where they narrowly lost to the World Champion Los Angeles Rams.

Having said all that, there is no guarantee Brady will be coming back to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

To make matters more interesting, there are rumors he may end up playing for an old rival of his.

None other than the Miami Dolphins.

Now that move would be guaranteed to piss off Patriots fans everywhere.

Get ready for mass Brady jersey burnings.

This would make a lot of sense.

Miami has a decent defense and their offense looks a hell of a lot better now that Tyreek Hill, arguably the best wide receiver in football, is set to start for the Dolphins this upcoming season.

Not to mention, their current quarterback situation is full of controversy and mediocrity.

A veteran like Brady could easily transform a team like Miami into Super Bowl contenders.

Sports with Balls will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.