Professional sports in 2020 were nothing more than a political rally for the Left’s agenda.

You couldn’t turn on a game without seeing some political message that would make your blood boil.

But now the Left admits that Black Lives Matter activism is only going to get worse in sports from here on out.

The good ol’ days of sports seem to be long gone.

You used to be able to get away from politics by watching your favorite professional team play.

But over the last couple of years, it’s been a growing cesspool of left-wing activism.

First, it started with Colin Kaepernick deciding to blame his release from the 49ers as being because of his anti-American anthem protests rather than his poor performance.

And it’s only gotten worse since then.

When 2020 hit us like a sack of bricks with COVID-lockdowns, we got hit right in the face with Black Lives Matter.

And it spilled over into professional sports.

Teams went from kneeling in protest during our national anthem to actively encouraging the Black Lives Matter riots by justifying and giving airtime to their messaging.

Some leagues like the NBA are even giving money directly to Black Lives Matter’s agenda.

But don’t worry, the Left wants you to know that this is just the beginning in professional sports.

The USA Today published an article titled, There’s a lot more to come:’ After Record Turnout in 2020 Elections, Activism from Black Athletes is Only Beginning.

In this piece, the author Chris Bumbaca mentioned how athletes like Lebron James are throwing themselves right into the political arena like key battleground states like Georgia.

And Bumbaca reminds us of how the sports world turned on conservatives like Kelly Loeffler, who even owned a WNBA team, for just not having the same political viewpoint as Black Lives Matter.

The article continued with this warning for conservatives, “This is only the beginning, and experts say coalition-building is key. By marching in the street and using their voices, athletes helped make racial justice a majoritarian issue.”

So it’s clear that leftists in politics and sports will make sure that if you put on a game, you will be inundated with Black Lives Matter’s radical messaging.

You would think they would learn from the collapse of their viewership that Americans are fed up with it.

But only time will tell if professional sports and athletes get the message.

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