There’s nothing the media loves more than pushing “fear porn.”

Anytime they have a chance to turn a story into something that will terrify their audience, they’re going to do it for the boost in ratings.

That’s why they’re now trying to declare the NFL Draft a COVID “super spreader” event before it even happens.

The three-day NFL Draft begins tonight along the lakefront in Cleveland, one year after the draft was conducted in commissioner Roger Goodell’s basement.

And despite putting stringent protocols and requirements in place for fans to attend the event, the media has decided to try to claim the event is “a threat,” and a potential “super spreader.”

According to USA Today’s Jarrett Bell, “. . . it’s fair to wonder whether this urge for normalcy is happening a bit too soon as the COVID-19 virus that has killed more than 570,000 Americans continues.”

“While vaccinations are widespread and coronavirus cases have decreased from peak numbers, there’s still a threat – and still surges of increases in various parts of the nation,” Bell continued. “Is the NFL flirting with the potential that the draft will be a ‘Super Spreader’ event?”

It’s hard to envision how anyone who has done even a smidgeon of research on the NFL Draft can feel that the event will be a “super spreader,” as Bell and others in the media have alluded to.

For starters, the event is being held outdoors, and on a lakefront where the air moves much more than it does in most other areas.

The NFL is also enforcing strict requirements for all of those in attendance to socially distance and wear masks, even though Dr. Anthony Fauci and the CDC recently admitted that masks aren’t necessary outdoors.

Oh, and they’re requiring all of the 4,000 to 5,000 fans who will be in attendance inside the draft’s “fan zone” to prove that they were fully vaccinated either by submitting their information to the NFL to be pre-approved, or by bringing their vaccine card with them where they will be have to be officially verified on-site before being allowed to enter.

“When we wanted to bring in more fans, closer to the action, we knew that being vaccinated was going to be prominent in that plan,” NFL Director of Events Nicki Ewell said.

The media has also ignored the fact that every other sporting event they have attempted to declare as a “super spreader” prior to it actually taking place has proven not to be.

Back in February, the NFL allowed 25,000 fans to attend the Super Bowl in Tampa Bay, but that proved to not be a “super spreader.”

On April 5, the Texas Rangers allowed a capacity crowd of 38,000 fans to attend Opening Day, but that proved to not be a “super spreader,” and the mass vaccine sites that were previously operated near the Rangers stadium were even shut down because they’re no longer needed.

The media has even ignored infectious disease experts who have publicly stated the NFL is operating the draft in a “safe manner.”

“It seems like they’re doing it in a safe manner,” said Thomas Unnasch, an infectious disease expert at the University of South Florida. “Everything is outdoors. And down by the lake, the air moves pretty well.”

Quite frankly, the media is simply desperate to keep the COVID story alive so that they can maintain their ratings.

As CNN executives and others have admitted, the pandemic was great for ratings, and they know that as soon as the American people move on from it, they will have no reason to continue watching their terrible networks.

So instead of telling the truth for once, they just keep spinning every story possible to continue to push their “fear porn.”

But no matter how hard they try to create a self-fulfilling prophecy, the NFL Draft won’t be a “super spreader” event.

And eventually, the media is just going to have to move on from this nonsense.

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