The demands by the Left for mandatory vaccinations are growing stronger by the day.

And it looks like if you want to function in society you will be required to get the vaccine.

But the MLB just stuck it to the Left’s demands for mandatory vaccines by claiming they will not be required to attend games.

Countless concerned citizens are turning down the coronavirus vaccine.

In many hospitals across the nation over half of medical staff are refusing to get vaccinated.

And in a USA Today / Suffolk University Poll 54% of those polled stated their intent to either wait and see how the vaccine goes or refuse to get it all together.

But the Left is determined to give you the coronavirus vaccine.

With the rollout of the vaccine going so poorly, Dr. Fauci hinted at the possibility of having forced vaccinations at the local level.

The real forced vaccinations will take place in the private sector.

If you want to function in society you will most likely be forced to get the vaccine.

If you want to fly, take vacations, rent cars, go to work, or even just attend a sports event you are going to need to get vaccinated.

But with many private businesses eager to make you get vaccinated, Major League Baseball just announced that it has no intention of forcing fans to show proof of vaccinations or even to be forced to take a temperature check to attend baseball games.

In a memo sent to all MLB teams the League stated that it will not require vaccines to enter games, negative COVID tests, or even temperature checks.

The League claimed, “mass testing of this kind is not practical with the existing rapid testing options, and testing is of limited utility when done days in advance of an event.”

But the League did state that teams can choose to use whatever safety measures they want and measures like social distancing would be enforced at all games.

The good thing is that teams like the Baltimore Orioles and the Miami Marlins won’t notice a difference between fans being required to social distance and their average game attendance.

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