LeBron James is still considered the top player in the NBA.

That makes LeBron James the most powerful player in the NBA.

And the NBA caved in to LeBron James with one surprising announcement.

One of the most underreported stories of the NBA offseason was LeBron James’ refusal to say if he’s vaccinated or not.

Other than sitting in silence on matters regarding the Communist Chinese and their evil government’s human rights abuses, James is all too happy to offer his personal opinion on every topic under the sun.

Given how political the vaccine became as Joe Biden and the corporate-controlled media falsely claimed only white, rural Trump supporters refused to get the shot, James’ silence stood out.

And that led to speculation that the reason James would not reveal his vaccination status was because he was not vaccinated.

Those rumors only heated up when the NBA announced that it would not require players to be vaccinated despite the fact that the league required referees and most staff to “get the jab.”

LeBron James is likely the only player in the NBA with the power and influence to lead the league to not force the vaccine on anyone else.

But NBA players not being forced to get the vaccine also highlights one of the other defining truths of this pandemic: the rules, mandates, and lockdowns never applied to elites and celebrities.

Only regular people are forced to close businesses, wear masks, and show proof of vaccination.

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