The NBA already has another massive public relations crisis unfolding.

This one every sports league wants to avoid.

And the NBA has a massive problem on its hands after this video went public.

The Los Angeles Police Department Police Union fired off a letter to NBA commissioner Adam Silver demanding the league sanction New Orleans Pelicans Center Jaxson Hayes after video surfaced of Hayes allegedly assaulting a police officer.

You can see the video at the bottom of this article.

“Mr. Silver,” the letter read, “the actions of your player were unlawful, completely unacceptable and are as clear a prima facie case of violating several of the National Basketball Association policies as we have seen.”

“We respectfully request that you immediately initiate a thorough investigation into Mr. Hayes’ actions before, during and after the incident and to take appropriate corrective action to hold Mr. Hayes accountable,” the letter added.

The police also alleged that Hayes called an officer the “n-word” during the altercation.

“We ask you to investigate Mr. Hayes’ use of the ‘N-word’ during the incident,” the letter added “and based on the obvious evidence, hold him accountable for the blatant violation of the NBA’s values of ‘equality, tolerance, inclusion and respect.’”

The league just came off a feel-good story for once as NBA players won a Gold Medal for Team USA at the Olympics and the players actually expressed joy in representing America and no one protested the national anthem.

That positive momentum lasted all of about a week until the NBA ended up back in the headlines over a dispute with police.

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