The NBA was looking at this season as a rebirth.

For the first time in three seasons, fans packed the stadium in the regular season and politics looked to be in the rearview mirror.

But now the NBA is about to kick one owner out of the league because of this ticking time bomb.

NBA podcaster Jordan Schultz dropped a bombshell on Twitter Friday when he posted that the NBA was planning to kick Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver out of the league over a forthcoming ESPN story alleging acts of racism and sexism on the part of Sarver.

“Breaking: The NBA is preparing for a massive story accusing #Suns owner Robert Sarver of racism, sexism and sexual harassment in a series of incidents, sources say. With enough evidence to support such claims, there’s a real chance the league would forcibly remove Sarver,” Schultz wrote.

The Suns responded by calling the report fake news.

Suns CEO Jason Rawley backed Sarver accusing the reporter who wrote the story of unethical conduct and purposeful falsehoods.

“I will also say that reporter in this instance has shown a reckless disregard for the truth. He has harassed employees, former employees, and family members; used truths, half-truths and rumors to manufacture a story in which he’s heavily invested and then perpetuate a completely false narrative within the sports industry to back it up. His tactics throughout this process have been without any basis in journalism ethics or even morality,” Rowley stated.

The Suns reached the NBA Finals last year and lost a competitive six game series.

Phoenix returned the core of that team and got off to a fast start this season as Suns players, fans, and coaches thought a return trip to the finals was in the cards.

But now Phoenix may face a season of turmoil as the corporate-controlled left-wing sports media tries to cancel their owner.

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