The NBA has been on a fast decline over the past couple years as they have embraced the far Left.

But no one could have seen their viewership numbers falling so low.

And now the NBA is panicking as they see their viewership quickly dropping into levels no one thought was possible.

The NBA once was a thriving sports league.

Back in the late 80s and earl 90s the league seemed unstoppable in its popularity.

Names like Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, and Charles Barkley carried the league with unbelievable game play.

But sadly, those days are long gone.

Now the NBA is plagued with what seems like more politicians than All-Star players.

The star of the NBA, Lebron James, just can’t keep his mouth shut and is trying to actively alienate half of the nation away from the NBA.

And boy is the NBA paying for being worried about political commentary over basketball.

New ratings show that the NBA’s viewership is falling faster than any could have imagined.

Just last year alone, their viewership drastically fell by thirteen percent.

And since 2012 the NBA’s viewership has dropped like a rock by 45%.

These numbers are incredible.

Losing nearly half of your viewership and fan base in less than a decade is a recipe for disaster for the league.

But maybe that explains why the NBA is buddying up with the Communist Chinese.

If the American fan base is drastically falling, maybe they can replace it with the autocratic Chinese who support their authoritarian political beliefs.

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