Usually all the action during NBA games stays on the court.

But when the action spills into the stands, that’s when all rules are off and all hell breaks loose.

And the NBA is starting off with a bang after fans were left running for their lives.

Sports are always a reflection of our society.

The violent gladiator games never would have happened if Roman society wasn’t violent.

And when society is filled with a bunch of beta males, it shows on the field.

Just look at how soft society has become over the past few decades.

We legitimately think dudes can be girls and play in girl sports.

Then turn on any NFL game and you will realize that the game is one personal foul from being flag football.

But our society is also violent as ever with random fights and out-of-control crime.

You can’t watch the nightly news without hearing about a local murder.

And this violence reflects on the field with fights and dirty plays every game.

But usually the assaults stay on the field.

Rarely do they ever end up in the stands.

But when fights do end up in the stands, you better have your head on a swivel.

And in a recent game between the Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors, fans learned this the hard way.

In the middle of the third quarter, Miami’s Caleb Martin tackled Toronto’s Christian Koloko into the stands.

And fans got a lot more than they paid for as all hell broke loose amongst the fans.

After thirty seconds the scuffle was over as the two teams were able to be separated.

If this is how the NBA season is going to be this season might actually be worth watching.

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