The infusion of “wokeness” into sports has been a disaster.

Sports leagues have jumped on the social justice bandwagon while simultaneously ignoring grave injustices.

And the NBA was finally shamed into allowing one pro-freedom message.

The NBA exposed its soft underbelly when they caved to the demands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey nearly lost his job for tweeting tepid support for Hong Kong.

Protesters fought against authoritarian encroachments from mainland China for months before finally being subdued.

Hong Kong, once a shining beacon of capitalism, is now in the clutches of the CCP, also known as the NBA’s sugar daddy.

Morey nearly lost his job for tweeting support for Hong Kong after the CCP twisted the screws to the NBA.

The league grosses billions in revenue from China, so the NBA will do anything to appease the CCP, even turn a blind eye to actual oppression, not the over-hyped American version.

The NBA is about to start up its slapdash COVID-shortened playoffs, and the players are allowed to wear jerseys with political statements.

NBA fans were allowed to share in the experience by going to the official online store and order a custom-made jersey.

There was just one problem: “Free Hong Kong” was prohibited by the NBA shop.

This is a shocking capitulation to China.

The NBA was perfectly willing to go along with this form of censorship, but they got busted:

After word got out that the NBA was banning “Free Hong Kong” jerseys, the league reversed itself and said the phrase was “inadvertently prohibited.”

The league also offered to auction off a bridge in Brooklyn.

Funny enough, at the same time, phrases like “KillCops,” “F-ck Police,” “F-ck Hong Kong,” and “Burn Jews” among many other objectionable phrases weren’t prohibited at all.

No one believes that only one statement was “inadvertently prohibited.”

This was an attempt by the NBA to appease China.

The next time star players like LeBron James or coaches like Greg Popovich screech about how they’re standing up against injustice, just remember “Free Hong Kong.”

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