Injuries are a part of sports – especially football.

But no one could have expected this injury that nearly ended the career of one of the top college players in the nation.

And now the news is trying its best to hide the real reason for Heisman prospect Sam Hartman’s medical emergency.

With physical contact comes the threat of injuries.

It’s just the name of the game.

You play football, you get hurt, and once-in-a-while you get seriously injured.

But no one tell the NFL that with their stupid new safety helmets.

However, there is one growing injury that the NFL and college football will never be able to stop with safety helmets – blood clots.

If you pay attention at all, you notice that blood clots are becoming a regular occurrence in sports.

But even with this recurring mysterious injury happening over and over again to many athletes, it is still shocking to hear about blood clots happening to one of the top players in college football.

As it turns out, Wake Forest’s Heisman contending quarterback Sam Hartman had a career-altering injury over the offseason.

But the team wouldn’t say what the injury was and just claimed that Hartman was suffering from a non-football injury.

Well, come to find out Hartman’s injury was actually blood clots.

Hartman is now cleared to play again for the top-25 Demon Deacons and told the press, “This process has made me appreciate all the people at Wake Forest University and around our football program for how they care for us. There will be time for me to tell my complete story, but right now I am really just excited to get back on the field with my teammates.”

And in his first game back this weekend against Vanderbelt, Hartman lit up the scoreboard with four touchdowns and 300 yards of passing.

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