After George Floyd’s death, the NFL went all-in on Colin Kaepernick’s anti-American protest and the Black Lives Matter movement.

That decision could cost the NFL dearly.

And the NFL is about to learn a very painful lesson after this police officer’s lawsuit.

Last year the NFL allowed players to wear the names of victims of police shootings on their helmets during games.

This led to multiple controversies as some players “honored” individuals who turned out not to be so innocent.

One case was the Indianapolis Colts wearing the name of Dreasjon Reed on their uniforms.

Reed was killed by Police Officer De’Joure Mercer following a chase.

A grand jury and prosecutor declined to bring charges and now an Indianapolis police officer is suing the NFL arguing that by allowing Colts players to wear Mercer’s name on their uniforms it amounted to defamation.

WISH reported:

Officer De’Joure Mercer filed the suit Monday in federal court in Indianapolis. Mercer shot and killed Reed after a police chase in May 2020. Prosecutors and a grand jury declined to file charges against Mercer.

Mercer says the NFL’s decision to include Dreasjon Reed in its Say Their Stories campaign amounts to defamation.

The campaign included victims of police misconduct as part of a push for social justice in 2020.

The NFL’s decision to fully embrace political protests cost the league fans and support.

Now it could cost the NFL in the pocketbook.

The pendulum in the NFL swung so far in favor of protestors and political agitators that a backlash was inevitable.

Officer Mercer’s lawsuit is just the latest sign that the tide in the NFL is shifting.

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