The biggest scandal of the NFL season is not going away anytime soon.

That’s bad news for the league.

And now the NFL is facing one jaw-dropping ultimatum that could bring down the league.

The woke tyrants in the NFL league office silently cheered the coordinated hit on Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden.

Jon Gruden is a Catholic conservative who opposed the league’s leftward drift and communicated his displeasure with Commissioner Roger Goodell in a series of emails to then Washington Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen from 2011 to 2018, when Gruden worked as the color analyst for ESPN’s Monday Night Football telecast.

The NFL obtained the emails as part of an investigation into a lawsuit by former Washington Redskins employees alleging a toxic work culture.

But the NFL’s smear campaign against Gruden begged the obvious questions – what else was in the 650,000 emails the NFL obtained and why did the NFL only leak out Gruden’s emails when Gruden never worked for the Redskins and was not employed by an NFL team at the time he communicated with Allen.

Lisa Banks, the lawyer representing the Redskins employees, demanded an answer and insisted the league release all the documents it collected in a statement that wondered why the only individual the league targeted in an investigation into the Washington Redskins work culture was the Las Vegas Raiders head coach.

After the Black Lives Matter insurrection of 2020, the league decided going woke was the best long-term play.

The league allowed players to put the names of black men killed by police on their helmets.

Teams played the so-called “black national anthem” before important games.

Roger Goodell and his minions sacrificed Jon Gruden because they hate his politics, but there is strong suspicion that some of these newly “woke” NFL team and league executives wrote similar things as Gruden in their emails and the league hoped to distract everyone from this fact by throwing Jon Gruden overboard.

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