For years, the NFL was the gold standard of professional sports, growing by leaps and bounds and generating billions of dollars of revenue despite supposedly being a “non-profit.”

But recently the league has been taken down a notch or two thanks to declining ratings and numerous public relations nightmares – most of which were self-inflicted.

And now the NFL is under fire from these woke leftists over the league’s hiring practices.

It’s not uncommon for the NFL or other sports leagues at both the professional and amateur levels to have their hiring practices called into question by groups like the one behind the so-called “Racial and Gender Report Card.”

Virtually every year, almost like clockwork, those who love to push the notion that literally everything they perceive as wrong with the world is due to racism, sexism, or whatever other form of inequality is cause du jour, target sports.

This week it just happens to be the NFL in the crosshairs.

According to the report, the NFL received a D+ for the hiring of head coaches with 12.5% being minorities, and an F for teams’ hiring of front office personnel, namely general managers, with 6.5% of those jobs going to minorities.

And although positions hired by the individual teams didn’t fare so well, the league office itself actually scored much better, receiving an A+ for racial hiring with 30.5% of positions filled by minorities and a B for gender hiring with 38.2% of the NFL’s employees being female.

Meanwhile, the NFL received an A+ for the racial breakdown of it’s players with roughly 70% being minorities.

Admittedly, it seems rather odd that the social justice warriors behind this report would view the hiring of 30.5% minority employees in the league office and the racial breakdown of players being about 70% minority as equal.

Those are two wildly different percentages, yet they’re viewed as equal?

It’s almost like true equality isn’t the real goal here. If it were, wouldn’t the fact that white players are under-represented in the NFL based not only on the general population but also on the number of white people who play football at some point throughout their life be a cause for concern?

Admittedly, it would be insane to question – much less put a grade on – the apparent lack of white players in the NFL.

The athletes who are in the NFL are the best in the world at what they do, not because of their race, but because of their talent, the work they put in, and the resume they have built throughout their climb up the professional ladder of their chosen industry.

That’s obviously a general consensus that is shared by every logical human who would look at that sort of thing.

Yet, when it comes to hiring in other areas of the NFL, no one seems to care if those being hired are the best people available for the job – it’s all about their race.

If the next Tom Brady is a female, who cares?

If the next Bill Belichick is a black man, who cares?

If the next NFL Commissioner is from Mars, who cares?

The best person for the job should get the job, the Left’s racial quotas be damned.

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