The NFL managed to turn the national anthem into a point of controversy.

But things got worse on opening night of the 2021 season.

And that’s because the NFL just did one terrible thing to disrespect the national anthem.

On opening night of the NFL season, NBC broadcast the actual national anthem as performed by Michele Williams and the so-called “black national anthem.”

NBC televised a performance of Lift Every Voice and Sing by Alicia Keys and the Florida A&M University Concert Choir.

NBC’s Mike Tirico bragged about the network televising a fake national anthem to start the game and let it be known the NFL would play this song before key games in the 2021 season.

“Tonight, the NFL, as it did last year, will present Lift Every Voice and Sing, also known as the black national anthem,” Tirico told the crowd.

“And it will happen at several league events during the year – the NFL continuing the attention around social justice causes.”

The NFL turned the national anthem into a hot button political issue by supporting Colin Kaepernick and other players in staging their anti-American protest by kneeling during the national anthem beginning in the 2016 season.

America has one national anthem.

But the NFL so fully caved in to the Black Lives Matter movement during the 2020 riots that the league agreed to segregate the nation by race through playing two national anthems.

The message the NFL sent to fans and players is that the Star-Spangled Banner is a racist song for white Americans and that black players and Americans have their own national anthem that only represents them.

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