The NFL can’t get out of its own way.

League commissioner Roger Goodell continues to pander to the woke mob.

And now the NFL just made one insane rule change that turned into one giant insult.

For years, NFL teams followed the “Rooney Rule” when interviewing head coaching candidates, meaning every team had to interview at least one minority candidate when a job came open.

The NFL expanded that to front officer and coordinator positions.

After the Black Lives Matter riots, the NFL wanted to prove how woke it was so the league started giving teams extra draft picks as a bribe to hire minority head coaches and front office personnel.

Hiring the best candidate suddenly became passe in the NFL as “diversity and inclusion” became the watch words.

But that wasn’t even enough virtue signaling for the suddenly woke NFL.

The league announced an update to the “Rooney Rule,” which states that teams must now interview two minority candidates for each coordinator and front office position that comes open.

For some reason the NFL itself actually has a chief diversity and inclusion officer and he announced the decision.

“It’s about how can we ensure the pipeline is strong with minority coaches, and overall. Ensuring everyone gets an opportunity, a look,” NFL’s Senior Vice President and chief diversity and inclusion officer Jonathan Beane exclaimed.

Beane claimed that “research” showed that interviewing a minority candidate actually increased racism so interviewing at least two would eliminate bias in hiring.

“When you have a diverse slate and have more than one minority or diverse candidate . . . the chance of a candidate being interviewed who is diverse goes up exponentially. Maximize the opportunities, and we also wanted to make sure there wasn’t a case where there was only one candidate who is diverse who is being interviewed. Research shows a lot of times there could be bias in the opportunity for that person to get hired and have a role,” Beane added.

The NFL has gone off the rails over the last several in catering to left-wing politics.

One way to know for sure that an institution is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party is that they have a diversity and inclusion officer.

And now it looks like Roger Goodell’s main focus is placating his new pals in the woke outrage mob instead of worrying about how to make the game the best it can possibly be.

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