The NFL is trying to get the focus back on the game played between the lines.

Unfortunately, that is happening for all the wrong reasons.

And the NFL just made one rule change that will leave fans asking this big question.

On Wednesday, the NFL adopted a series of rule changes for the upcoming 2021 season.

Most did not seem to have any major effect on the game one way or the other.

But one rule change stood out as the league will now crackdown on taunting penalties.

For years, the NFL earned a reputation as the “No Fun League” as league officials tried to eliminate end zone celebrations following touchdowns.

Fans come out to see the players make big plays.

What the fans do not come out to see are the officials throwing penalty flags and erasing big catches and runs for touchdowns.

If teams want to stop opponents from taunting them, an easy way to do that is not allow them to make big plays in the first place.

A common fan complaint about the NFL is that there are already too many penalties.

This new rule change is just doubling down on stupid and will alienate more fans as their teams sees big plays wiped away because officials are too busy policing player conduct.

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