The NFL offseason has been anything but quiet.

But no one was prepared for this.

And now the NFL just made this $100 billion deal that will change everything about the league.

The NFL is the biggest juggernaut on TV.

Networks know the NFL is the last property available that draws guaranteed ratings.

And with the league’s TV deals set to expire after next season, multiple suitors fought over the right to televise the league’s games.

On Thursday, the NFL announced the victors with Amazon, CBS, NBC, Fox and ESPN all winning the rights to broadcast NFL games from the 2023 to 2033 seasons.

In exchange, the platforms agreed to pay the NFL $110 billion over the life of the deal.

Sundays – as well as Thursdays and Mondays – will change forever under the contract.

Amazon won the right to stream 15 exclusive Thursday games each year with this being the first streaming-only package for a major sports league.

CBS will keep the AFC package on Sundays and they won the right to stream games on their new Paramount Plus OTT service.

Eventually some of the normal Sunday games at 1 and 4 that CBS televises will be streamed exclusively on Paramount Plus.

Fox keeps the prized NFC package as well as streaming rights and the ability to line up games with their new Fox Bets app.

NBC will continue to televise Sunday Night Football, which is the number one rated show in America with games also streaming on their Peacock platform.

Finally, the biggest change involved ESPN.

While ESPN will keep the Monday Night Football package, which usually gets the worst games, ESPN will now get to move games from Sunday to Monday in order to get a better matchup.

ABC – which is also owned by ESPN’s parent company Disney – edged its way into the Super Bowl rotations and will televise two Super Bowls over the next 11 seasons.

This is likely to be the last TV deal the NFL will sign that will broadcast the games on Sunday and Monday nights like everyone is used to with a network partner showing the games.

No one knows what TV will look like in 2033, but it’s a good bet that streaming platforms will eventually replace traditional linear TV as to how the league delivers content to its fans.

Sports with Balls will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.