The NFL continues to embroil itself in culture war politics.

It’s a mess that is driving fans away from the game.

And the NFL just made this unbelievable concession to Black Lives Matter.

Last spring, the NFL floated a controversial proposal to reward teams with extra draft picks for hiring minority head coaches and general managers.

After the Black Lives Matter riots last summer, the NFL looked for any way to avoid becoming the next target and worked to appease the rioters.

That plan faced major pushback and the NFL modified the proposal and instead will reward teams with compensatory third round draft picks if other teams hire minority assistant coaches and front office personnel away from their organizations to become head coaches and general managers.

USA Today reported:

• A team that loses a minority assistant coach who becomes a head coach or loses a personnel executive who becomes a general manager will receive third-round compensatory picks in each of the next two drafts.

• A team that loses two minority staffers to head coach and general manager positions would receive three third-round picks.

Currently there are only four minority head coaches in the NFL – the Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Tomlin, Ron Rivera of the Washington Redskins, Anthony Lynn of the Los Angeles Chargers and Brian Flores of the Miami Dolphins.

The Cleveland Browns Andrew Berry and the Miami Dolphins Chris Grier are the only black general mangers in the NFL.

Rod Graves of the Fritz Pollard Alliance falsely claims this is because of racism.

“You look at the NFL and its track record and you have to wonder: How much of it is the result of racist attitudes and disregard to fairness?” Graves stated. “Those types of issues have to come up when you look at the NFL’s track record.”

The NFL is a ruthless business.

Owners only care about winning and making money.

Black assistant coaches and pro personnel officials would never be excluded from head coaching positions or from serving as general managers out of racism.

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