The NFL has been on a steady decline with their fan base over the past several decades.

And many in The League were hoping this year’s much-hyped Super Bowl matchup between Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes would draw viewers in by droves.

But the NFL just saw their TV ratings for the Super Bowl and it can’t get much worse than this.

The good old days of the NFL are long gone.

The game played by players like Joe Montana was about as good as their persona out in society.

And you would actually see some bone crushing hits from brutes like Lawerence Taylor without seeing flags fall like confetti.

But more importantly, you used to be able to cut on a game without leftist propaganda being shoved down your throat.

Now you can’t get through an NFL game’s pre show without seeing some radical message from Black Lives Matter.

And let’s be honest, most quarterbacks in today’s league wouldn’t last on the same field with Lawrence Taylor.

The combination of The League’s attempt to indoctrinate their fan base with leftists viewpoints and the decline in the quality of play has driven viewership of the games to all-time lows.

Over the year, many expected viewership to skyrocket with fans trapped in their homes with nothing to do with the government-imposed lockdowns in place.

But the opposite happened as weeks went by in the NFL with dismal viewership ratings.

This had many within The League worried about viewership ratings for the big game.

And when the numbers finally came in they were in shock.

The Super Bowl had a dismal rating of 38.2, which is the first time the big games rating has been below 40 since 1990.

And to add insult to injury, the Super Bowls rating was the lowest rating since the 1969 game.

That’s the worst rating for one of the most watched events of the year in over 50 years!

The NFL needs to change their ways and bring back their core base of fans before it’s too late for The League.

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